"I was feeling sad and frustrated because I didn't like myself. I was starting to look older, and I always had a tired appearance. The secrets explained in this book transformed my life. Everyone tells me I look much younger than my age now. I feel beautiful, incredibly confident and happy"

"I have been following the advice provided in this book for 3 months now, every single day. Now my friends are asking me if I had plastic surgery because I look much younger than my age."

"Great book, to the point with valuable info, cuts to the chase. Buy it. Excellent value for money aĺso. Well deserved five stars."

There are people who look much younger than their age.

And they are usually the most attractive people in a room.

Is there a secret formula to that?

Is it genetic? Are they particularly lucky?

The answer is no.

You can be like them and look younger – much younger than your age – if you want.

But you’ll have to build some key healthy habits.

This book is designed to teach you which are the exact habits you need to implement to slow down the aging process, transform your body, and look ten years younger.

Here are some examples.

- In chapter 3 you will learn the one habit that, if practiced every day, will have a significant anti aging effect on your brain and body in only 4 weeks.

- In chapter 5, I talk about the one thing that, according to research, actually determines the quality of your life, in the long term.

- Chapter 9 is about the habit that will help you prevent cellulite and fluid retention, and that will boost your metabolism and help you lose weight.

- Chapter 11 is about how to get your beauty sleep every night to regenerate your body and brain cells.

- Chapters 15 and 16 are all about the two habits you must avoid if you want to slow down - actually almost stop - the aging process.

- In chapters 7 and 26, I talk about the two superfoods you should use to season every meal and their benefits.

- Appendix 1 is a list of superfoods to support you during your rejuvenating process.

- Appendix 2 is a list of tiny healthy habits to help you slow down the aging process.

Get the book now to learn all the 36 key habits that make the difference between people aging fast and those people who look much younger than their age.

Image: Photo by Taylor Brandon on Unsplash